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A Dead Interesting Book

This is Dead Interesting's one and only page linking to an item for sale.


David Batten-Hill's remarkable book is what is on offer. The book is available for reading on e-readers, including Kindle machines.

If you prefer a more traditional read, you can get the book in paperback format.


'This Son of York' is a gripping story, set in modern-day York. Archaeologists discover an ancient document that reveals the resting place

of the body of a fourteenth-century charlatan. Exhuming the remains in their sealed, lead-lined coffin, the scientists quickly open it, to

discover that the occupant was buried with a flea-ridden rat. Over 660 years underground, the plague carried by the fleas has mutated

into a virulent, killing machine. York has to be quarantined and only one man can save the city and stop the plague spreading. But

vigilantes want to execute him for unleashing the plague.


The story is a white-knuckle ride from beginning to end, all the way to the twist in the tail.




David Batten-Hill and the Gatekeeper go back a long way. David spent two years working on his novel, putting a great deal of effort into

his research. The input of a microbiologist, and osteoarchaeologist, paramedics and even the RAF help ensure that every description,

procedure, fact and figure are 100% accurate.


Find out more - and get your copy - by clicking on the image below.







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