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 Welcome to the weird world of Dead Interesting, delighted you could make it!

Now you've bought your ticket, you can wander through the galleries at will. This is The Lobby, your start point and...


You can look anywhere you want to...


... in the galleries of Dead Interesting

We now present the galleries for your entertainment, enlightment and possibly even your education. Enjoy your visit...


lester  Lester Moore: Shooting Pains





Burke & Hare: The West Port Murderers 


 hand The Hand of Glory: A Thief's Talisman 






Elmer McCurdy: Inept Outlaw 






  Jeremy Bentham: A Philosopher Preserved





  John Howison: The Last British Criminal Dissected by Law 


phinthumb     Phineas Gage: Survivor



aokig skull





Aokigahara: The 'Black Sea of Trees' 


dan cartoon Daniel Lambert: Larger that Life



harry e





Harry Eastlack: Man of Stone






John Merrick: The Elephant Man




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